RE: Collins' complaint

Julian Humphries (
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 18:22:33 -0500

>While Mr. Collins mail may not have been worded diplomatically, I'd bet it is
>very true that new PC users (certainly myself) are frustrated at this point
>in not being able to become full-fledged CU-SeeMe users (i.e. receivers and
>senders) because of the fact that the two recommended, tested boards for
>PC/Windows - Creative Labs Video Spigot and FS200 - have been discontinued.
>Here is one simple solution:
> Buy a Mac!

I have read lots of comments in this newsgroup about the superiority
of MACS for video usage. My ire has been raised to the point of
writting a sarcastic flame. Apologies to this particular poster.


Yea, here is an of the simplicity of CUSEEME and Macs!

>i think if you are using ethernet, your printer port is still active (some
>wierd mac thing...) the work around i had to do was to put my modem on the
>printer port and tie the camera to the modem port, )ethernet on the
>ethernet port) Otherwise the printer port is still held open.

and lots more examples of incompatibilities with existing software,
hardware, hair color, etc.

I installed the required version 3.0 of the Sound Manager on my
Quadra 700 running system 7.0.1 and my microphone simply stopped working.
There obvious is no way to fix this kind of problem on a mac, no
alternate drivers, no source of support, no anything other than pleas
to the net hoping someone else with one of the 133 possible models
of Mac has had the same problem. If you think setting up video systems on
Mac's is any easier than on PC's I believe you are wrong.

In fact, the easiest system I installed CUSEEME on was my Sun Workstation,
where I simply downloaded binaries of nv and vat, set the right
encoding (a menu item) and attached to a reflector. Sound and video
in one easy step (thanks to the programming efforts of John Lynn to
make the reflector work with nv and vat, of course).

So, the real simple answer to problems with CUSEEME is to:

Buy a Sun workstation (or an Indy, I bet they work fine too).

Julian Humphries
Cornell University