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Tue, 17 Jan 1995 20:03:27 -0500

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> Tammie, asked....
> >I have a NON-AV PowerMac 7100/66 16mb RAM, running Sytem 7.5. I've heard
> >that the video spigot card is the right one to get so that I can send video
> >streams with CU-SeeMe. There are several different versions of this card
> >though and I'm unsure which one I need. Also, what drivers do I need? What
> >about Quicktime? Does it matter what version I run?
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> I just upgraded from a Mac Quadra 800 VideoSpigot to Mac PowerPC 8100/80AV.
> Videospigot and drivers are _not_ compatible with PPC. Called Radius. They
> will _not_ be supporting VideoSpigot for PPC. So, upgrade or fix is unlikely.
> Regards,
> Bill

Hmm. I thought as long as you *didn't* use QT 2.0 you were fine. At least
that's what the SuperMac/Radius guys told me. Ah, I found a previous message
that confirms this. See below. Maybe if all you PowerMac/Spigot users
complain... ;)

P.S. - QT 1.6.2 might be a tad better than 1.6.1.


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Date: Sun, 18 Dec 1994 09:40:30 -0500
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Subject: Re: Spigot ScreenPlay & QT2.0
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On Sat, 17 Dec 1994, Douglas Ward wrote:

> Borre Ludvigsen wrote:
> >ScreenPlay (the Video Spigot Quick Time encoder) will work with system
> >7.5, but not with QuickTime 2.0. I reinstalled QT 1.6.1 and ran
> >ScreenPlay 1.2.2. The error messages went away. Anyone know where I
> >complain?
> Apple recently released an extension called the "Multimedia Tuner" that fixed
> some of the Spigot/Screenplay problems with QuickTime 2.0, at least for
> video. I've heard that the Tuner does not fix audio problems. Apple and
> Supermac (Radius, whatever...) have been squabbling over the problem. I'm
> inclined to believe Apple's side of the story.

The Tuner is only one of several patches that attempt to fix bugs in QT
2.0. ScreenPlay was doing fine Tuner or no, in passing through video,
doing framegrabs, but not for QT encoding. It encodes fine using QT 1.6.1
so it seems QT 2.0 is the culprit (as the necessity of patches would

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