Re: Non AV PowerMac
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 22:36:00 -0500

>I have a NON-AV PowerMac 7100/66 16mb RAM, running Sytem 7.5.
>I've heard thatthe video spigot card is the right one to get so that I
can send
>video streams with CU-SeeMe. There are several different versions of this
>card though and I'm unsure which one I need. Also, what drivers do I
>need? What about Quicktime? Does it matter what version I run?
>If anyone could clue me in, I'd be most appreciative.

Having read both seen the responses of
"William D.Graziadei"<>
Stan Borinski <>

I'll just mention that I've been using a non-av 7100/66 PowerPC Mac
with Video Spigot and the suggested driver SpigotVDIG per the README
file at the CU-SeeMe ftp site.

Not exactly sure how much RAM is on the machine or the version of
Quicktime I'm using but if you're (Tammy) really interested, I'll run
downstairs and check. 8^)