reflector 3.00b2, CUSM/MBONE, and Solaris 2.[34]?

Kent Wada (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 02:36:31 -0500

On January 10, 1995, Mike Richards ( wrote:
> I've created the new reflector on the SunOS 4.1.3u1b 3.3
> multicast, Solaris 2.3, and SGI Irix 5.2 platforms. Only
> the SGI "reflect" will reflect a VAT session to its clients.
> The SunOS 4.1.3 client doesn't reflect at all when run on a
> 4.1.3u1b 3.3-multicast box. It does work on a Solaris 2.3
> box. The Solaris 2.3 client runs for a few seconds and then
> core dumps. Any ideas. I'm using the SunPro ansi compilers
> in the Sun environments.

I am having similar difficulties with reflector 3.00b2, running under
Solaris 2.3 and 2.4. Compilation has been relatively straightforward,
but the reflector dumps core immediately following the version
identification, when compiled using gcc 2.6.0 (results are from the
command "./reflect ./reflect.conf"):

Version: 3.00B2
1: Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Compiled with the SunPro C compiler SC3.0, it starts up more

Version: 3.00B2
2: LOG /tmp/reflect.log
3: MOTD Welcome to the UCLA OAC MSO reflector at
4: NV-MC-PORT 33467
6: NV-MC-OUT 1
7: VAT-MC-PORT 37827
open_log file: /tmp/reflect.log
vat_inout_mcast_sock bound
vat_cntl_mcast_sock bound
nv_inout_mcast_sock bound

Macintosh clients connect to this reflector perfectly well. However it
dumps core shortly after an nv client starts sending a video stream at
the named multicast address/port. The debug line:

NV client at is opening a connection

appears, followed by a few dozen lines that look like:

packet received on nv_inout_mcast_sock

interspersed with a few messages of varying types. Then it dies with a
Bus error.

Any thoughts on this? I know b3 is due out soon; perhaps this will

As a final note, the reflector seems to work almost perfectly under
SunOS 4.1.3. I can do bidirectional audio between CUSM and vat, but
only CUSM can see nv video streams. I haven't been able to have nv see
a video source originating from a CUSM client yet.


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