Workshops in Interactive Multimedia, Berlin Videofest 95

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Wed, 18 Jan 1995 04:33:26 -0500

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Berlin Videofest February 9-19, 1995


The Videofest Berlin, associated with the Berlin Film Festival, is as part of
its Interactive Multimedia program running two workshops. The subjects are:

1. Interactive Multimedia production for CD-ROM
tutor, Simon Biggs, Artist, London, GB, Professor Groningen, Holland

2. Interactive Multimedia production for the World Wide Web
tutor, Martin Potthoff, Artist, Berlin, Dozent HdK, Berlin, Germany

Each workshop will consist of a three day intensive course in the fundamentals
of interactive multimedia production for these two popular media. The emphasis
will be on interaction itself, exploring the basic technical requirements
(especially basic programming skills with HTML and Lingo coding).

The objective of these courses is to give practical, theoretical and hands-on
experience such that the participants will gain a complete and hype-free
impression of what is involved in interactive multimedia production.

Realistically it can be expected that the participants will complete this
course with a comprehension of what interactive multimedia is, how it works,
what the component parts are, what one needs to make an interactive multimedia
project, the strategies involved in designing and seeing a project through and
a basic introduction to the tools and skills required to achieve all this.

The course will focus on the fundamentals and essentials of the area rather
than on its surface characteristics. The focus will not be on the spectacular
or gimmicky but on the effective use of techniques that lead to general
solutions applicable across many problems.

The CD-ROM course, led by Simon Biggs, will focus on the various components and
aspects of creating, designing and programming an interactive multimedia
document for publication on CD-ROM or similar media. The big questions here are
not to do with the hardware of CD-ROM itself (although this will be covered
where relevant to interactive document production) but with the nature of
bringing together various media, the tools and skills required to achieve this,
and the techniques and skills involved in programming interactive systems. At
the heart of any interactive project is the computer program that controls the
work. As such, the interactive multimedia designer/producer must be able to
program to at least a basic level of competence.

The Internet course, led by Martin Potthoff, will deal with the various aspects
of creating, designing and programming an interactive Internet site. The
various aspects of the Net (how it works, the tools available for using it and
creating work for it) will be covered, but as with the CD-ROM course the focus
will be on the techniques, tools and skills required for the production of a
Net site. The objective will be to create an interactive Homepage for the
World Wide Web (using Mosaic, Netscape and HTML programming) that can be
accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone with access to the Internet.

For both courses day one will be largely theoretical, based around lectures and
demonstrations. The participants will be asked to try out some of the things
outlined and demonstrated so as to start to get the feel of the actual systems
involved. By the end of the day the participants should be able to create very
small and simple, but potentially very powerful, interactive documents for
either CD-ROM or the Internet.

Days two and three will involve the production of a finished work. Due to the
short lead time (10 hours rather than 10 weeks) this will be very fast and
very dirty. The emphasis will not be on a well crafted and well presented
multimedia product but on actually getting something finished; where all the
various aspects of interactive multimedia production will need to be covered to
ensure completion by the deadline.

For information and booking details please eMail the Videofest:

Simon Biggs
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