Re: Capture Boards

Jan Engvald LDC (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 06:12:10 -0500

> We haven't stood up and recommended another capture card because there
>really isn't anything as perfect for CU-SeeMe as the Video Spigot. There
>is a list of some boards that do work that I and others send around every
>so often.

How about having a video input selector with one of the choices
beeing "Screen Video Capture". When selecting this, a dotted frame
appears which you can move around the screen with the mouse, when
you click the mouse button the coordinates are freezed and CUSEEME
captures the pixels that are in the frame as fast as it can.

Every video capture board usually has some application supplied that can
show the captured video in a window. With the above one-time fix you
can place the frame on top of such a window an have instant support
for all existing AND FUTURE video capture boards.

Another use of the above feature is to place the capture frame partially
across two windows. One window can be the camera picture, the other
text display of, say, temperature and wind speed, or some such.

It does not seem hard to do. Will it be too slow? Maybe, but I think
many of us would appreciate such a possibility, waiting for a dedicated
driver that may take a long time to do. Screen capture should work on Mac
as well as PC.

If the above isn't feasible, is there any plans to support VVL's
PCMCIA-connected PC Card Camera? This seems to be an ideal choice
for a notebook. They have a System Development Kit that does not cost
much more that the camera and card kit (I guess it is less than 600 US $).

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