ISDN/CU-seeme/QuickCam wisdom request

Jud Elliott (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 09:31:23 -0500

Any CU'ers using ISDN and/or ISDN with the QuickCam are asked to report
your results to...

I am hoping to get a big improvement and audio over the 14.4 (plus
compression) line now in use at the school, but of course, some information
will make the $ to do this easier to find.

PS. My CU-seeme-l archive at this station reachs back to mid November, and
a search reveals only tangential mentions of ISDN usage. A few solid raves
would be nice to hear before starting an installation work order.

Judson Elliott, Computing Coordinator
Willoughby Middle School
Willoughby, Ohio <Lat: 41 38 23 N  Lon: 81 24 24 W>