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Ko Stoel (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 11:19:22 -0500

>How about having a video input selector with one of the choices
>beeing "Screen Video Capture". When selecting this, a dotted frame
>appears which you can move around the screen with the mouse, when
>you click the mouse button the coordinates are freezed and CUSEEME
>captures the pixels that are in the frame as fast as it can.
>Every video capture board usually has some application supplied that can
>show the captured video in a window. With the above one-time fix you
>can place the frame on top of such a window an have instant support
>for all existing AND FUTURE video capture boards.

A touch of geni..

>Another use of the above feature is to place the capture frame partially
>across two windows. One window can be the camera picture, the other
>text display of, say, temperature and wind speed, or some such.

Two touches :)

Great idea for a CU_SeeMe plug-in

I use the CameraMan program (Mac) for making a film of whatever is
frame-selected from the screen.
My MacIIfx can keep up.

But of course it saves to a file, and (video)pipes ...dunno if such a thing
could be constructed.

BTW just something analogue;
Having a QuickCam and no sampling-board . Putting the QCam in front of a
video-monitor connected to a fancy auto-focus/zoom/whatever camera gives
some extra features if you need them. Ah.. scanning interference (flicker),
maybe a LCD tft viewfinder (the ones that you can watch from many angles)
can do the trick (with a extra positive tinker-lens to the QCam) .
I would hide this set-up in a box, just in case funding-control might drop in.

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