New Mac Release 0.80b1

Richard Cogger (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 10:14:34 -0500

I'm pleased to announce the release of Macintosh CU-SeeMe Version
0.80b1. This is a major functional enhancement and also includes
significant architectural extensions as a base for future enhancements.

CU-SeeMe0.80b1 BETA VERSION for (self-selected) Testers ONLY

CU-SeeMePPc0.0.80b1 and CU-SeeMe68k0.870b1 are now available. Both of
these are major functional enhancements beyond the previous 0.70
series. Obtain by FTP to

***WARNING*** This is beta software. It has been tested through 3
alpha releases and seems quite stable, except for a very small number of
crashes accompanied by corruption of the system font, only after many hours
of continuous operation. Any reports which would help us to narrow this
down would be especially appreciated. And, as always, your milage may

If you pick it up and use it, you are volunteering to be a beta tester.

Cheers, -Dick

-----New in 0.80----- (from the README.0.80.basic.txt file)

1) A "SlideWindow" facility with which you can capture 640x440 stills,
transmit to all participients (who have SlideWindow open) and then point
with the mouse and have everyone see the pointer. You can also switch
among a number of slides and have the remote partipants see the same thing.
SlideWindow is an "AuxData Application" which is invoked with the SlideWindow
menu item on the Conference menu.

2) An "Auxilliary Data Transport" providing reliable one-to-many delivery
of data constituting auxilliary materials for sharing in a conference.
Data is transmitted as "Items," with an item being defined as a string of
bytes contained in memory. The AuxData transport takes care of packetizing
and any neccessary retrys to ensure reliable delivery. This transport is
used by the built-in SlideWindow application or by plug-in AuxData
applications (see below).

3) A Plug-In interface so that seperate modules can add functionality to
CU-SeeMe. If one or more plug-ins is in the same folder as CU-SeeMe at
launchtime, a menu will be added (for each).

***Coming in a few days*** a "Software Developer's Kit" for Plug-In's,
consisting of documentation and sample plugins and CodeWarrior projects
with libraries to facilitate development. However, althought the
documentation is supplied, the actual SDK has not been released yet.

4) A "talk" plug-in (in source, also, as an example) for sharing
typed messages as with IRC. The Talk module implements a "chat" window
that allows exchange of text messages.

5) An AuxData tracing tool for examining data flows when debugging or
testing AuxData applications. The AD-Trace module is a testing or debugging
tool that shows all "AuxData" traffic.

6) Also there is a new version of the reflector which will allow
sending of AuxData and also prevent sending of AuxData to participants
who are not running the appropriate AuxData application (or who don't
have it). Version 0.80 will not attempt to send AuxData if connected
to a version of the reflector earlier than 3.00b1. Version 3.00b2 has
a few bug fixes and is currently running at Cornell at the usual
address, You can use this reflector or you can make
point-point connections to test the AuxData applications provided with
the beta 0.80. If any reflector operator can run the new reflector,
currently 2.50b2, please do and advise this list. This new reflector
also has additional facilities for interoperating with vat and nv.

------- DOCUMENTATION --------

1. README.0.80.basic.1-16-95.txt a consolidated readme for Mac CU-SeeMe,
as it exists in version 0.80b1, with no attempt to detail differences from
former versions.

2. README.changes.1-16-95.txt a log of changes throught the 70 series,
the 80 alpha and, now, beta.

3. README.AuxData-ADtrace.txt a discussion of "AuxData" in CU-SeeMe and
how to use the ADtrace plug-in during testing.

4. FunctionModuleAPI.bin a Word file detailing the Plug-In interface,
inside the SDK (Software Development Kit) folder.

5. README.SDK.1-16-95.txt a brief overview of the contents of the CU-SeeMe
Plug-In SDK, inside the SDK folder.

------Copyright and Permission notice -------

Contained in the application's About and also in the README.0.80.basic...
file, it has been changed slightly: permission to modify has been deleted
(not very meaningful with binary only, will be spelled out for Plug-In
example sources), permissions granted explicitly only for the current
version, reserving the right to modify permissions with future releases.