audio frustrations

Scott Haas (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 13:56:13 -0500

MAC version 80b1, Connectix Quick Cam on modem port
Sound Manager 3.0 & System 7.5
Quadra 660/AV - using internal mike
Audio broadcast now works better then before - sound output on receiver
end IS A-OK. The output slide bounces up and down better - that is
mike input sensitivity is better than before.

Quadra 700 - using the QuickCam mike
We can hear others - yet we cant' get any audio input from the CuSeeMe
built in mike. (the mike works ok with quickmovie) With CuSeeMe
the audio input slide never moves - except just for a little
when you push the mouse button.

Quadra 7100/66 - using an external mike plugged into input port on cpu
Sound can be outputed and heard at the other end, but you have to
talk loud and long. The longer you hold the mouse button and talk
the higher the audio input slider bar will rise.


So are there others of you out there having this problem with
non-AV models? Or is there a work around or something I've missed.

Thanks much in advance - send reply to or