CuSeeMe Just doesn't work!

Andrew Stevens (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 16:57:16 -0500

Hello to all out there.

I have just recently installed the latest windows version of Cuseeme for
I do not have a video capture board so I only receive. Anyhow, I can connect
without problems to various reflectors but when viewing the video of others
it just is too slow.

The screens of others are semi displayed for a second and then the Fps and
Kbs both drop to about 1 or 0, and doesnt improve from then on.

I use Trumpet Winsock 1.1 (release 2.0b) and have a 14.4k PPP connection.

What is wrong or is is just not meant to work...?

Thanks in advance for any seugestions.

Andrew Stevens (Victora Australia)

PS: Does anyone know of a reflector a bit closer to home than the US ?