Re: NT and dual ips

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 23:09:38 -0500

At 10:46 1/18/95, Collins,Richard;ContStd; wrote:
>I'm running NT at home. My server has a net card for inside (one ip) and
>I make a PPP connect to the office for the Internet (another ip#). All
>my apps work fine and get out to the InterNet but CUSeeme seems to insist
>on only running around my net in the house and never manages to get out.
>Weird! Anyone document this kind of flaw before or is it my setup somehow?

Well, running NT is wierd, but nothing years of painful therapy can't cure :-)

Technically, I believe that to be able to run two cards, to connect two
different nets, you'll need to run some sort of router or bridge software.
A simple test: try to ping machines on both of those nets. I'm guessing
that you'll only be able to get to your house net. I apologize for not
being more specific, but I've only played on two-card machines.

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