Re[5]: Cu-SeeMe Test Server
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 18:08:22 -0500

Here's the point.

I can't get Cu-SeeMe to work on my system.

I can, however, prove that my Cu-SeeMe client is sending UDP packets to
the appropriate destination as a result of the test server. Also as a
result of the test server, I have recieved a response that tells me
that my client is capable of recieving UDP packets from a server. This
indicates to me that my setup and network are working and that the
problem may be in the Cu-SeeMe code.

I thought other people may be in the same boat and be blaming their
failure to connect on their own setup. When in fact, their set up
might not be at fault. If other people are having similar
difficulties, they can test against this test server and be able to
determine if their system is sending UDP packets and if it is capable
of recieving them back. (Suppose their network had inbound UDP packets
at port 7648 blocked off. How else would they be able to tell?)

This test server might not be necessary, but I see a constant stream of
e-mail from others saying that (like me) they cannot get through.
Maybe there is a problem, maybe this will help.

Best Regards,

Patrick T. Stingley