630 with Apple Video system

Nigel Sharp (sharp@vms.noao.edu)
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 18:52:14 -0500

I have a Quadra 630 with the Apple TV/Video system. The Apple Video
Player software which came with it happily receives the signal: CU-SeeMe
versions 0.70b14 and 0.80b1 do not recognise that there is a local
video input. I didn't expect them to, and the system wasn't bought for
CU-SeeMe but for video clip production, but I thought I'd send this in
case a) anyone was trying to get this for CU-SeeMe, or b) anyone has
in fact made it work with CU-SeeMe and can tell me how. I shall just go
on lurking, and borrowing the Spigot-equipped Mac when I need to send ...

Nigel Sharp, National Optical Astronomy Observatories nsharp@noao.edu
P.O. Box 26732, Tucson, AZ 85726 (602-325-9273: 520-318-8273 after March 19th)