Possible Dan Ackroyd interview with CU-SeeMe on Tuesday?

Charles Como (charles@underground.net)
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 20:08:32 -0500

Hello all,
I want to set up an interview with Dan Ackroyd, James Belushi and YOU on
Tuesday the 24th at approximately 7pm PST. Would you like me to do this?
And if so, should I coordinate a few reflectors? There will also be a
performance by James Brown, The New Blues Brothers, Stewart Copeland, etc.
This is for the Artist's Rights Foundation and I felt that CU-SeeMe
is a good demonstration that there are alternative ways of communication.

Last week I showed parts of Stevie Wonder's last concert for Martin
Luther King day. I hope that some of you managed to catch that, since it
was a last minute thing, and LIVE. Tim@cornell I noticed that you caught
part of it, and I was really excited to see you actually watch the event,
and knowing that you were part of making this possible!

Please give me feedback and help if you think this is something you may
want take part in, I would like you all to be able to talk to these guys.

Thanks so much.