Plan 10 - Mr. Carey Responds:

John Carey (
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 13:19:24 -0500

>Yeah. I connected but the whole thing was a joke. Garbled "low budget"
>interview with Karen Black. Church of McChurch. I'm not a believer.
>A cheap promotion. John Carey is no PT Barnum of Cyberspace.
>Jonathan Sarno

Mr. Carey responds:


First of all, I am sorry that you didn't enjoy the show. Next time we have
one of these events, I promise that we won't force you to watch, but if you
are compelled to watch and you aren't comletely satisfied with either the
quality or the content, I will personally give you a 100% refund.

In terms of being "low budget" I'll admit that it cost less than putting a man
on the moon, but I think that you may have missed the point and therefore the
fun of the thing. It was our intention to look "low budget" because the movie
is "low budget". In terms of the hardware and production equipment that we
used, this was a multi camera production (including the 3D rig, we actually
used 6 cameras) and we did everything that we could to make sure that we sent
good video and audio down the pipe including using a SGI Onyx with a T-1
connection as our reflector. The Macs were directly connected to the Onyx via
Ethernet, and we had quality assurance testers in Calfornia, Arizona and

In actual point of fact, it did cost us both time and effort and money to do
this and we provided it to you at no cost, so I really don't understand the
nature of your complaint.

Yes, the purpose of the whole event was to make more people aware of "Planet
10 From Outer Space" but I really don't see anything wrong with that. You
seem to use the word "promotion" as if it were obscene. While the whole thing
was happening, I visited a number of other sites and in my opinion, our "cheap
promotion" was the most interesting thing happening at the time.

Another small point is that McChurch.Org was not actually involved other than
providing the T-1 connection as a favor so railing against them seems a little
mean spirited of you.

In a sense when you say, "the whole thing was a joke" you are correct. It was
a joke. You just didn't get it. The whole thing was done in the spirit of
fun. Most of us involved in the production as well as those who watched and
participated had a good time and again, I am truly sorry that you didn't. I
guess Ricky Nelson was right when he said, "You can't please everyone so
better please yourself."

John (

p.s. If you decide that you want to flame about this, I recommend that you do
so via email. This is not the venue for this sort of discussion.


p.p.s Certain people have expressed an interest in learing more about this
production, the equipment we used and the 3D stereo video test. I have been
responding to each request (OK all three requests) individually, but if there
is more general interest, I will post the pertinent information here.