Re: Cu-SeeMe Test Server

Ko Stoel (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 01:05:18 -0500

If I am naively correct

With this Test reflector

I can sort off udp PING it with CUSM
If that doesn't work
that could mean
1. the bidirectional UDP path corrupts data and I get a log
2. one or both directions are blocked

2a If both direction are blocked there is no logging at the reflector
2b If only the direction from me to the Reflector is blocked I get no log
2c If only the direction from the Reflector to me is blocked I get a log

[Q] How can I discriminate between 2a and 2b
[Q] How do I check the log?

[R] With this I can't find out where the blocking takes place, and kick some ...

Someone with a nifty trick?

Ko Stoel
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