CU-SeeMe "Unable to Connect"

Richard Kennerly (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 10:33:42 -0500

Normally I don't look for trouble like this, but it is worth noting that
the people who complain about this, I believe, are mostly Windows users.
While there is clearly no fundamental problem with CU-SeeMe Windows' use
of winsock (its quite simple really), I remember that when we first
released CU-SeeMe for Windows there were three stacks that didn't work
properly (FTP, Trumpet, Beame&Whiteside) and often LWP (Novell) didn't
(doesn't) work. Since then, FTP and Trumpet have released versions that
do work.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is something about the UDP packets that
is somehow different in these cases (virtually all other app's are TCP)
that CU-SeeMe doesn't like for some reason.

Perhaps people with this problem can contact me to arrange to try to
connect to my PC while I'm here so I can trace things with the debug

-Rich Kennerly - <> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

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Subject: Re: Cu-SeeMe Test Server

At 15:08 1/19/95, wrote:
> I can't get Cu-SeeMe to work on my system.
> I can, however, prove that my Cu-SeeMe client is sending UDP packets to
> the appropriate destination....
> I thought other people may be in the same boat and be blaming their
> failure to connect on their own setup. When in fact, their set up
> might not be at fault....

Oh! Now I see. I get it. Nice hack. In general, when we (the
list-members) track down someone's complaints about not being able to use
CU-SeeMe, the problem turns out to be:


Your color depth is too deep, try 256 colors.

MacTCP isn't correctly installed; it's not CU-SeeMe.

You'll have to get a version later than 0.01b1. Try the current one.


TCP/IP is working okay, but you don't have a hostname set up.

TCP/IP isn't correctly installed; it's not CU-SeeMe.

No, you can't get audio (yet).

Hopefully your app will help those who don't fit into the aforementioned

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