Cu-SeeMe Test Server - Protocol

Alain Caillet (acaillet@dow.on.doe.CA)
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 11:38:00 -0500

Patrick T. Stingley said:

> I thought other people may be in the same boat and be blaming their
> failure to connect on their own setup. When in fact, their set up
> might not be at fault. If other people are having similar
> difficulties, they can test against this test server and be able to
> determine if their system is sending UDP packets and if it is capable
> of recieving them back. (Suppose their network had inbound UDP packets
> at port 7648 blocked off. How else would they be able to tell?)
Patrick gave us a very good tool with this server. For me, in my ignorance
of the intricate mecanic of the transmission, it even trigger
further questions, which I hope someone would be kind enough to answer.

If CUSeeme uses the UDP protocol, how is possible that I can receive
packets from behind our firewall when I couldn't with the Talk program
for Windows (Wintak). It would let ring someone but they couldn't "talk"
back to me. I reason I was given was that we do not let in UDP
packet for security reason.

Now on the subject of compliant socket:

>From work with FTP winsock socket no problem.
>From home with a PPP connection to our work server,
I can get Chameleon to work (it's a demo limited at 19200!)
as I specify the hostname in the setup but I cannot get Trumpet
Winsock 2.0 to pass the host name to CU-SeeMe.
I would prefer using Trumpet as it support faster modem but
I may not understand the PPP connection.

The hostname is my PC. Could it be anything with PPP connection?
The IP address. If I specify one (the one of my work PC not in use)
or if I do not specify one and select bootp, it does not make any difference.
Beside the phone # which relate to the PPP server access, am I suppose
to enter any information about the server, like its IP address? If yes where?

Chameleon accepte my work PC IP and name as a host ip and name.
There is no host file to edit.
Is this program as some program(Wintalk) only able to work if
the host is registered in the domaine server. But then why is
Chameleon providing the right host info to CUSeeMe under
the same conditions when Trumpet is not?

Any help welcome. even a pointer to FAQ.

Thanks in advance, Alain

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