Re: CuSeeMe Just doesn't work!

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 16:00:17 -0500

At 09:31 1/20/95, Gary Vankirk wrote:

>>>Try e-mailing he says the U.Melb has a
>>>reflector site at: and he gives his own reflector site
>>>at conf id 0.
>>Well okay, but you might either tell me why I should do this or send mail
>>to the intended recipient instead of the entire list.
>Oh, now I get it, your mailings telling people how to use a listserve are
>so important that they must go to "all recipients of the list" rather than
>to the oh-so-stupid individual who broke the Sattler code of conduct. I
>feel so much better now.

If you laid off the coffee you'd feel even better. My mailings started
going to the entire list when my mailbox got full of private requests. If
you would like to take over individual supply please volunteer.

Once you calm down and re-read the aforenoted paragraph, you'll see that it
doesn't have a note telling us what it's all about (no context), so I can't
figure out what sending unsolicited mail to fscott... will do, for either
fscott or me. If you know the answer please volunteer it.

>And BTW, according to the "Sattler code of .sigs", which you so kindly
>posted to the list a while back, yours is too long.

Yes, I know. It's been bothering me, but every once in a while a quotation
strikes me as so perfect for this electronic medium that I have to go all
the way to six lines (as opposed to the preferred four).

Thanks for counting.

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