Why pstingley posted

Gary Vankirk (vankirk@koko.csustan.edu)
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 06:16:37 -0500

It is not my intention to start a flame war, I am merely answering one of
Michael Sattler's questions:

>Once you calm down and re-read the aforenoted paragraph, you'll see that it
>doesn't have a note telling us what it's all about (no context), so I can't
>figure out what sending unsolicited mail to fscott... will do, for either
>fscott or me. If you know the answer please volunteer it.

I refer you to the original posting of "CuSeeMe Just doesn't work!" by
werdna@deakin.edu.au, dated 1/18/95. In his last line he asks:

>PS: Does anyone know of a reflector a bit closer to home than the US ?

I believe this question is the one that pstingley@smtpgate.ssmc.noaa.gov
was intending to answer.

Yours very truly,

gary vankirk