Announcing More Plan 10 Stuff

John Carey (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 15:29:03 -0500


I'm back to announce two more CU-SeeMe Events. The first is live from the
Sundance Film Festival. The makers of "Plan 10 From Outer Space" will be
hosting... Well, I really don't know what to call this so I will just tell
you all a story.

The producer and director of "Plan 10 From Outer Space" were so delighted with
our previous "Event" that they decided to try to initiate another one. We
have lent them two powerbooks and two Connectix cameras and they intend to
broadcast every 15 minutes starting at 8:30. The broadcast will be from the
"Plan 10 From Outer Space" pre-screening party at a club (bar) called
"Steeps." This foolishness will be over at 12:00 midnight when everyone will
go to the screening, except those who prefer drinking to viewing.

BE FOREWARNED!!! This will be a slow connection since it will be going out of
a normal phone line at 14400.

The reflector for tonight's... I still don't know what to call it, will be This is another temporary reflector and will only be up for
tonight's... We have to think of a name for this before the thing closes down
at midnight.

Times: 8:30 to 12:30 in short bursts every 15 minutes (unless the folks at
Park City get too involved to disconnect.


========================== BUT NEXT WEEK =============================

On Tuesday of next week, 24 January, 1995 at a time as yet undetermined, the
executive producer and director of "Plan 10 From Outer Space" will screen
parts of the film and take questions using CU-SeeMe and the MBONE
simultaneously. We will attempt to get at least two of the actors involved as
well. When I know more, I will tell you.

Time: TBD
Place: TBD

John (