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At 10:19 AM 2/4/95, Maxxima Thule wrote:
>On Fri, 20 Jan 1995, Hanz Makmur wrote:
>> More WishLIST for CU_SeeMe
>> -------------
>> -QuickCAM Audio to work with CUSeeMe.

This is a QuickCam problem not a CUSeeMe problem, as is the problem that
QuickCam can not produce full size slides.

>> -Ability to autoclose window when disconnected

I too think this would be nice after a certain delay

>> -Option on the menu that show who can hear/see/talk to you. This is
>> needed badly because right now you kinda have to open up to see the video
>> before you can tell it.

This is area is where I have to most to say (see below ;-)

> -A Statistics screen showing you what Reflector you're connected to, etc.

This would be a good thing to have at the top of a "participants window.

Alright here is some feedback from my wishlist (in the spirit of
constructive user feedback that is ;-)

- First and foremost: some sort of participant window. As people come and
go it is very hard to keep track of who you have on your screen/whose
looking at you/whose not/who has video/who doesn't etc. I know this is
something that is already being considered/worked on, and I'll be happy
with whatever is given (who can complain about such a great piece of
freeware!), but I'll offer my vision of it anyway.

I picture what amounts to an enhanced tear off participants menu. That
would provide at least:

- What the participants window now does

- maybe duplicate the "eye" (There is now no way of knowing whether
someone is recieving your video stream unless you already have there window
open, so an eye next to their name in a Participant window could tell you
that, as well as what lurkers have your window open. I would leave the eye
on the video window also)

- though it is space intensive giving everyone on the Participant
Window the Mic and Speaker Icons would solve Lurker Audio (though again I
would leave these on video windows still)

- I would also be very nice to sort people by their status of a
chosen criteria. ie sort by people who can see me, or hear me etc...

- The line of text and Icons for a given participant could flash
(dim, whatever) when they are sending audio (in addition the whole button
bar on the video would be more visible then the speaker button alone)

- Double clicking on a participant in said window would toggle
that persons video window off or on (the same as closing their window or
selecting them from the menu respectively)

- The top of such a window could have the reflector nickname

- I think that such a window could effectively be combined with the
audio window.

The Problem of space: I know that this window might take up a fair amount
of space. I am using a 15" screen and it is a concern of mine. BUT:

It would be worth it (IMHO) to not have to go up to the menu all the time
and because it provides additional information.

It is easier to manage/maybe less space consuming, then giving every lurker
a window of their own (sorry lurkers, but it is a videoconferencing

For Point-to-Point smaller screens are still fine, for conferences I think
it can be accepted that you NEED a bigger screen. People do not complain
that some graphics and DTP programs need large screens - it is the nature
of the beast...

Now some little things: In the docs there is a mention of having window
positions remembered as a future improvement. I also think a "clean up
windows" ala finder would be useful too to quickly minimize overlap and use
space effectively. The audio use is still confusing. Squelch bar could be
emphasized somehow, use descriptive icons for send, recieve etc. Amplitude
scale could be smaller.

Idea for a plug-In/ reflector modification: It would be nice to have a
Utility that would ping all the reflectors in your nicknames list and
provide a window showing number of people connected to each one. Something
like Bolo trackers. I think this would prevent a lot of connections to
empty or overloaded reflectors.

Now, I am no programmer and have no idea how hard any of these things are
to implement. I will be happy with whatever is decided. I hope this is
all taken as feedback and not as critism or as demands. Since I was bored
this morning I hacked up a mock window along the lines of what I was
thinking. If anyone wants to look at it you can see it at:

discussion, flames, comments........


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