Re: Audio in CU-SEEME 0.8b1

Richard Cogger (
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 00:46:22 -0500

I see you copied Charlie Kline on the original message, so maybe he will
have some news for you. Basically, non-builtin devices, or at least two
examples of them, the QuickCam and the MacRecorder, don't work. We picked
up the code from Maven at about alpha-12, and that didn't work. We
subsequently updated to (I think) alpha-23 and it didn't work. Charlie
says that somewhere in between those releases it did, at least for the
MacRecorder. I expect the folks at UIUC will have a fix in a while. As to
the fact that you see the VU indication, but just don't get sound, that
happened with the MacRecorder on a IIci also. It happens that you make
calls to the sound manager to determine level seperately from the way you
get the actual audio. Clearly the device and probably the driver is OK.
But something needs to be done differently to get the audio. Stay tuned.

Cheers, -Dick

>Maybe i'm doing something wrong but i cant get the Audio portion to work
>at all, here's what i have:
> 0.8b1 version
> Connectix QuickCam
> mac IIfx, Sys 7.1, Soundmanager 3.0
> Ethernet
>In the audio window all the controls, and PTT etc. seem to work
>as expected, the volume level shows response, however nobody can hear
>me and i cant hear myself (coming back from the reflector i.e. - should i be
>able to..?) - no matter whether its point-to-point or connected to a
>reflector (2.5x)....Some other people have tried, with mixed success - people
>with Quadra's can hear/send fine, but all of the other machines (fx, ci,
>650,...) have no audio capability (all using the Connectix Quickcam and
>different macOS from 7.01 to 7.5).
>Am i SOL with a IIfx (couldnt find any such note in the Readme) or am i missing
>something. All suggestions appreciated.
>Thanks for the help.
>PS>> the clicks etc. type of sounds of the program are audible, only the
>audio stream seems dead - is there anyway to check the reflector or anything
>on the button bar that will indicate if audio stream is being rec./sent...
>PPS>> BTW, very nice product...