Re: For Bay Area CU-SeeMe'ers Only

Richard Cogger (
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 00:55:27 -0500

At 12:24 AM 1/22/95, David Winet wrote:
>Is anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area successfully running CU-SeeMe with
>audio over a modem? I would *dearly* love to see and especially HEAR it
>in action.
>My rationale: I want to begin teaching over the net to students abroad
>who don't now have access to ISDN but do have modems.

At least 28.8 modem, remember. 16K is probably closer to 20K with packet
overheads, and 20>14.4, for the smaller values of 14.4. (I wouldn't expect
a lot of help from v42 compression on the pretty well compressed audio.)