Re: Mac CU-SeeMe defies best minds in the room!

Richard Cogger (
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 00:46:26 -0500


SPBOpenDevice Failed.
err= -227

is sort of a universal symptom, just meaning that the open Sound Parameter
Block call to the SoundManager failed. It can fail because:

a) you have a geo-port device, like a software express modem or a fax-thing
(hooked up, in operation, installed, which?).

b) you have speech-recognition (on? installed?) keeping the sound manager busy.

c) you have the audio set to higher than 22.1 Khz, on *some* Mac models.
Definitely not a problem on others. 16-bit or stereo may not be good

d) You have a PowerMac AV in a funny initial state which can be cured by
playing an audio CD (no kidding).

e) You have the Monitor set to too many colors (Really? is this right?)
says Michael Sattler. I've seen this associated with the "found digitizer
but can't digitize" error message, but not the SPB -227 message.

f) other weird stuff on some mac models.

SoundManager strangeness is the most Windows-like feature of the whole Mac
experience, imho. You might think of the -227 message as the moral
equivalent of the dreaded gethostname() failed experience for Windows
users, if that helps. Didn't think it would.

Cheers, -Dick

>I think the Audio out setting above 22.1 Khz causes this problem.
>On Sat, 21 Jan 1995, Michael Sattler wrote:
>> Okay, so that's not saying much :-) Recently Leslie Derby wrote that he
>> was getting the dreaded
>> > SPBOpenDevice Failed.
>> > err= -227
>> message. I responded with the canonical "set your monitor's color depth to
>> 8-bit (256 colors)" reply. Leslie claims that's what the current setting
>> is. My FAQ database is obviously incomplete? What am I overlooking here?
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