"fastest" possible dialup?

Steve Loboyko (slob@mindspring.com)
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 04:59:27 -0500

I know that some of you will laugh at this, but one of the things I want to
do with Cu-SeeMe is to videoconference with M+P (that is, ma and pa)
long-distance, especially if sound is possible. I'm a little concerned about
28.8 over long-distance, even ATT, however, so maybe the Internet isnt that
bad...I want to avoid it because of the interpacket delays. This hardware is
getting so cheap I can't believe it ($200.00 540M HDD's, 486/66 MB's for
250, cameras for $90....I've got a surplus place near me that can't seem to
give away anything less than a 486, even cases - picked up a NEW IBM B/W VGA
monitor for $20 there...)

Here is what I intend to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

1. I don't really need the Internet or reflectors for this purpose. So, I
intend to run Trumpet 2.0B with CSLIP and appropriate scripts with decent
28.8 V.34 modems (internal, with hot FIFO chips, of course). I expect to
have to tweek the "magic numbers" of CSLIP. Any help on the magic numbers
would be appreciated, but, hopefully, I'll be able to experiment. (I want to
use CSLIP because I've been lead to beleive that it is significantly more
efficient, albeit not as elegant, as PPP).

2. Because "the other party" barely knows how to turn on a computer, I'll
write a REALLY siimple "shell program" in Visual Basic that.

1. Asks, Receive or call?

2. If call, presents a modifiable list (hey, maybe I'd get one for my mother
in law (I actually get along better with her...)

3. the shell fools around with the startup script of Trumpet and runs it.
After detecting that it is CSLIPing in a reasonable period of time, runs
CU-seeme and "types in" appropriate commands (both PC's will have bogus IP
addresses for this purpose).

4. A "Hangup" button will close Cu-Seeme and shutdown Trumpet. (BTW, there
is a "call timer"..., maybe with rates...)

5._ Extensive_ error-checking will be done; possibly I'll do a DLL that
stops the user from typing anything dangerous. (that is, disallow any user
keystrokes or WM_DESTROY messages to Trumpet or Cu-Seeme, control
accomplished entirely by the shell). Maybe I'd make both windows invisible
after startup...

This functionality could be added to Cu-Seeme, but then it would tie the
program to a particular stack...maybe version 2 of the shell would have
scripts of its own for different stacks...

I know that my purpose seems trivial, but the idea is not...any comments
except really nasty ones would be appreciated. I think that such a package
would be great for people who don't have Internet connectivity.
Steve Loboyko
Software Engineer
cR Solutions, Incorporated
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