Re: FPS on dialup using Win version.

Richard Cogger (
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 23:20:27 -0500

20 fps, freerunning is great. We've never seen over 15. What's your
setup? As to setup when connected: can you hold *real* still? Does your
camera produce essentially no noise? How about the digitizer? On the Mac,
with a modem, a static scene can get 20+ fps with a clean camera, so you're
not up agains a limit of the algorithms. Or did you want to *move* and get
a framerate < 1? For the anecdotal value (if any), I once did a demo with
an appropriate "actor" for modem speeds: I pointed the camera out the
window at home at an essentially static scene and later connected from
work. Well, it was fall, and the big fat cluster flys were coming into the
house, and the window screen was still in place. So we got to see one big
fly walking across the frame with quite realisic motion. Not sure how this
could help with CU-SeeMe project objective of fostering collaboration over
the Internet (we were thinking primarily of human-human collaboration).

Cheers, -Dick

At 1:12 AM 1/22/95, Jason T. Montgomery wrote:
>Has anyone been able to get over 1 fps on the windows version using a dialup
>connection? I get 5-20 fps before connection, after it drops to 0-1. Could
>this be caused by my slow link or perhaps an inefficient tcpip stack, I use
>Chameleon. I have already played with max and min KBps to no avail. I run
>on a 486DX2/66 with a 115k high speed serial port and a 28.8 connection to
>my service provider, using ppp.
>Jason T. Montgomery
>Databasics, Inc.