Windows hostname error was Re: WinCU and Trumpet over PPP

Jonn Martell (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 00:22:14 -0500

Re: Windows CuSeeMe "get hostname" errors.

This is a FAQ and the following is an attempt to Answer it!

Question: I run Trumpet (or other Winsock stack) and get an "gethostname"
error when using the Windows version of CuSeeme. What's wrong?

Answer: Every machine on the Internet has an IP number, and in most
cases, there is an associated IP name assigned to that IP number. This "IP
name to IP number assignment" is done by you *local* system administrators
(the people who gave the connection its original IP number).

When using any type of connection, if you get a hostname error (using
CuSeeMe, WinVN, Trumpet News Reader and others), this means that whoever is
giving you the connection (direct network, PPP or SLIP) has not assigned
an IP name to your IP connection. ***You cannot do anything until that IP
name has been assigned by the local network administrator*** *** This is
not a CuSeeMe problem and there is nothing you can do until the IP name
has been provided by your service provider ***

Contact the -local- network local administrators to make sure that there is
an IP Name for the IP number you are using.

If you need to check whether or not the IP name assignment is there or
not, get a Winsock program called WS_PING.ZIP, when you start it, you will
get a "Local Hostname:" that will tell you whether or not the IP number you
are using has a corresponding IP name.

Please do not send email to the hundreds of people on the CUSeeMe mailing
list!!! Check first using the WS_PING program (among others) to check the
host name.

WS_PING.ZIP is available from CICA and all mirrors
including in the /pub/cica/winsock directory.

Micheal, please put this in the FAQ (if you need to reply to me do it via
direct email - not the list) Thanks.

Two last note:

1. Please be kind to the CuSeeMe email list - keep useless postings to a
minimum. Unless you think hundreds want to read your email - DO IT VIA

2. For those bitching about the development efforts: GET LOST! CuSeeme is
provided free of charge. If you want to bitch - go and spend the
thousands of dollars on some of the "alternatives". The type of email
sent to the developers through this list during the past weeks has be
"unacceptable" to say the least. I still can't believe the "demands" have
seen, some people don't "get it" from the looks of things....

Sorry for this long post...

..... Jonn Martell, Network Analyst, UBC.
(annoying long sig deleted)

On Sun, 22 Jan 1995, Alain Caillet wrote:

> Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 20:48:32 -0500
> From: Alain Caillet <acaillet@dow.on.doe.CA>
> Subject: Re: WinCU and Trumpet over PPP
> As anyone succeeded to run CU-SeeMe windows over a PPP with
> Trumpet winsock 2.0.
> I have no problem with Chameleon and the above setup but cannot
> get Trumpet to pass the hostname to CU.
> Before some of you may say "an other hostname silly question" take note
> that I had no problem using, at work, CU-SeeMe with an ethernet connection
> on a PC and with the Chameleon PPP setup. I tried everything under the sky
> and have a good understanding of all the parameters involved in starting
> a PPP connection.
> The Trumpet People referred me to their user groups at their NNTP server
> "" but one can read but not post ( at least I can't)
> on this server so its back to square one.
> I found also that Winvn (a windows news reader) cannot forward articles
> to a mail address (SMTP) for the same reason: error in function ...gethostname
> Any suggestion will be welcomed
> Thanks in advance
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