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At 15:07 12/19/94, Richard Cogger wrote:
>At 5:21 PM 12/19/94, Michael Sattler, San Francisco wrote:
>>At 10:09 12/19/94, Larry Chace wrote:
>>>CU-SeeMe currently supports audio input ONLY if...
>>Thank you, Larry, for encapsulating this in such a pithy manner.
>>>Now, don't get me started on trying to do "real" audio and video at 9600
>>>Kbaud, 14.4 Kbaud, 19.2 Kbaud, etc.
>>NOW WAIT JUST A SECOND! I have two or three PERFECTLY GOOD Hayes 1200 baud
>>modesm that I want to use with CU-SeeMe. Are you telling me that I can't
>>use them, not even with delta-mod sound transmission. What a gyp! I guess
>>the AppleModem 300 was a waste of money too, huh?
>Actually, since there is such a demand, perhaps we should consider getting
>SERIOUS about supporting low bandwidth:
>Specification: CU-SeeMe-Lite
>Communications: 300baud Acoustic Coupler
>Video: Heavy-duty compression by dual-deci-decimation to achieve 6 or more
>frames/minute. Tradeoff will be that images will be only 3x4 pixels (hxw)
>and only pixels changing by more than 7 gray-levels will be sent for each
>Text: typing supported for a single character at a time shown in the frame
>in "leaned over" mode.
>Audio: Full bandwidth silver-tone audio. Tradeoff is that it will be
>impossible to carry actual speech from the sender, so the receiving side
>will run a real-time simulation and playout of the modem frequency-shift
>keying tones, which should be quite pleasent when the volume is properly
>SlideWindow/Whiteboard: Hi-rez still images at 10x15 pixels to be used for
>technical drawings, medical images, spontaneous freehand drawing, and other
>demanding applications. Special bonus: full color at 2-bit depth.
>Projected delivery schedule: April 1, 1920
>Warrantee: As with all CU-SeeMe products, users will benefit from an
>unlimited money-back refund policy, but we can not be responsible for any
>time wasted, as in reading this spec.
>Cheers, -Dick

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