Re: Windows hostname error was Re: WinCU and Trumpet over PPP

Chuck Elliot (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 05:19:19 -0500

>Re: Windows CuSeeMe "get hostname" errors.
>This is a FAQ and the following is an attempt to Answer it!
>Question: I run Trumpet (or other Winsock stack) and get an "gethostname"
>error when using the Windows version of CuSeeme. What's wrong?
>When using any type of connection, if you get a hostname error (using
>CuSeeMe, WinVN, Trumpet News Reader and others), this means that whoever is
>giving you the connection (direct network, PPP or SLIP) has not assigned
>an IP name to your IP connection. ***You cannot do anything until that IP
>name has been assigned by the local network administrator*** *** This is
>not a CuSeeMe problem and there is nothing you can do until the IP name
>has been provided by your service provider ***

Actually, there is something you can do - as stated in the cusm readme files.
You can 'fool' cusm into thinking that the hostname has been assigned by
having a local 'hosts' file in your TCPIP stack directory with an entry for
your machine e.g.

I have only recently had an official hostname assigned in the DNS but
have been running cusm for months without one.

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