RE: Windows machine

C. Terry Morrow (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 11:27:50 -0500

Both the FS200 and Video Spigot boards from Creative Labs have been
discontinued. You might still find them in stock through some suppliers,

If you don't mind buying a discontinued board, go for the Video Spigot
(and maybe explain that the board has been discontinued, so how about
a discount). The Spigot board, based on what I've read from this list
server, seems to be the one that works best with CU-SeeMe for PC/Windows.

The FS200 board doesn't work well with some of the newer VGA boards, so you
should probably stay away from it. If you do decide to buy an FS200, make sure
you can return it to the supplier for a full refund if it doesn't work with
your PC.

Creative Labs newer board, the RT300, is a great board, but doesn't yet work
with CU-SeeMe because of the on-board Intel Indeo compression. The CU-SeeMe
PC/Windows developers have indicated they'd like to enhance the product
with work with an Intel board (my vote is for the RT300, since I've already
got one :-), but haven't yet decided on which one to purchase, so ...
Also, the next release of CU-SeeMe should include a new codec which supports
the use of boards such as the Promovie Spectrum, but at a slower video
capture rate.

There are other boards, such as Media Vision's Pro Movie Studio, that
subscribers to this list server have almost gotten to work. I haven't
seen any messages lately though on progress with this particular board.
Keep following this list server, though.

Another possibility - Connectix says their QuickCam, which is a Digital black
and white Camera for the Mac which sells for ~ $ 100, will be available for the
PC/Windows platform early this year. No firm date and no firm price, through,
for PC/Windows. This one may be worth waiting for, though, since it's such a
complete (you don't need a capture board, just the QuickCam camera) and
inexpensive solution, and is known to work (with some potential glitches) for
the Mac. Of course, there's no guarantee that it will work with CU-SeeMe on
the PC right out of the chute.

The long and short of it - if you have to buy now, see if you can find
some Creative Labs Video Spigot boards in stock somewhere. Otherwise,
wait until the next release of CU-SeeMe for PC/Windows, and then buy
according to the list of boards that the new release supports and,
in the mean time, resign yourself to being a viewer only (which is still
pretty neat to experience and demonstrate, given all the reflectors and
video conferencing events going on out there). Also, of course, if you
wait on the board, wait on the camera.


John Faherty