More dial-up connection ideas

Moose (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 15:00:53 -0500

Given that interest in this software seems to fall into two camps -
the high-bandwidth power users, and the dial-up technoheads, perhaps
this DL should split...
That said, I've had some success over a 14.4 modem, largely by sending
the output from my camera through some distinctly analogue equipment to
crop the image with a black border, and smooth out noise. What would be
really useful, though, is if there were the option to send smaller
image sizes. Preferably by reducing the current 160 by whatever image
using an averaging system, again to reduce video noise.
The other thing which would be hugely useful would be if the text were
sent as a separate channel (I don't use audio) - at the moment, it
appears to send text as video data, rather than, say, ascii.
In the meantime, we modem users should agree on a reflector site
specifically catering for low-bandwidth conferencing in order that we don't drag
everybody else down, or get swamped by other people's high-res images.

Am I in accord with anyone out there?