Re: slide show

Richard Cogger (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 16:36:36 -0500

Ben and others with similar thoughts:
We have planned to add more capabilities to SlideWindow, but it may
be a while. The first thing we will probably do is produce a plug-in
version of it which we will distribute in source. Then you can add the
capabilities yhou want and share with the rest of us. :-). As soon as we
have the SDK out for plug-in's, you can invent lot's of groovy new
extensions from the ground up. We're going to concentrate on improving the
video, audio, basic UI, conference management, etc. for the near term. Oh,
and also we're going to try to get some documentation on protocols,
encodings, etc. done and the source release prepared.
But please keep those comments and wishlist items coming to the
list. Even if we don't get them implemented here at Cornell, maybe someone
else will.

At 1:31 PM 1/23/95, Ben Domenico wrote:
>When I first heard about a new slide show capability in the
>latest beta release of CU-SeeMe, the concept that came to mind
>for me was quite different from what the system turned out to
>be. For my purposes, it would be ideal to be able to capture
>a portion of what's displayed on the screen to incorporate into
>a "slide show" to accompany the cuseeme video. This would allow
>a user to do what the current slide show facility does, but it
>would also allow me to capture a screen from a powerpoint
>presentation or a Mosaic display and include it in the show.
>That's what I'd really like to do for remote presentations.
>Is there some clever way to do this with the current mix of
>capabilities? It seems that pointing a video camera at
>another video screen is plagued by loss of resolution,
>flicker (which has been discussed in some detail), and
>simply isn't the clean way to accomplish this. Likewise
>printing out the screen, then pointing a camera at the
>printout would seem cumbersome, wasteful and lossy.
>Am I missing something obvious? How about something not
>so obvious? Are there other approaches to displaying
>slides during a cuseeme presentation?
>If not, I'd like to add to the wishlist a capability for
>capturing part of the screen to be incorporated into
>a cuseeme slideshow.
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