Cheap cameras/ProMovie Progress (none)

Steve Loboyko (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 16:45:29 -0500

1.I bought a $90.00 B/W camera from BG Micro (1-800-276-2206,
214-271-5546), the "SpyCamera II". It is very nice, it comes with a case,
and a power supply (wall wart). It is 12V, so I just made a little cable and
tap off of the PC. The camera lacks an "on" light and an on/off switch, so I
added them. I attached Velcro to the camera and to the top of my monitor and
that holds it well (nice to have a tilt/swivel monitor). I think I read
somewhere that human psychology demands a physical cover over a supposedly
"off" camera, and it does come with a lenscap, but it is not permanently
attached. Other than that, it looks super-professional.

This camera is actually _nicer_ for most videoconverencing applications than
the first B/W camera I bought from BG ($150.00, just a module, no case or
P/S, apparently still available), as it seems to have a bigger objective
lens and has a little tighter field of view that is perfect for a talking
head in front of the monitor. The $150.00 camera is more wide-field and
tends to seem fisheyed, but might be OK for a group shot.

Incidentally, I noticed a problem with my $150.00 camera when I started to
play with the new one: there was vignetting (sp?) on one of the corners. I
really didn't want to send it back, so I removed the optical housing
attached to the PCB, ovaled out the mounting screws, shifted the housing to
the right, and reinstalled it. (As this is a double-sided surface mount
board with vias, kids, don't try this at home... especially if you have a
warranty...). Now it works OK.

2. I have yet to hear from MediaVision concerning problems with the MV
ProMovieStudio driver and Cu-SeeMe. But I will "kick the box" tonight...I
hope that they fix the problem; this board, when the driver is fixed, and
the above camera will be the cheapest nifty combo for videoconferencing
(without using your camcorder...)
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