New 56k Reflector - Pratical Limtations...

Steve Loboyko (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 16:41:34 -0500


I am about to put up a new reflector which is on the other end of a
dedicated 56k frame relay circuit.

I would appreciate it if I could receive feedback in regard to the
practical use of having a reflector on such a low bandwidth link as
well as performance expectations I may observe.

The host for the reflector is a Sparc 2 running SunOs 4.1.3. When it
goes live it will be available for testing as

I also would appreciate any hints on how to set the thresholds on both
the Reflector as well as on clients connecting to best utilize the
available bandwidth. Would it be practical, for example to allow more
than 2 users at a time?

Thank you,

Jeff Pulver,,