RE: Mac CU-SeeMe defies best minds in the room!

J. Colin R. Hunter (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 23:57:16 -0500

On Mon, 23 Jan 1995, Joseph A. Doucet wrote:

> >> SPBOpenDevice Failed.
> >> err= -227
> >With the 660AV or 840AV, you need to switch off the Express Modem control
> >panel before you can send audio. It doesn't matter if it's installed and
> >in your Control Panels folder, provided it is switched off *before* you
> >try to send CU-SeeMe audio.
> I have been able to use Cu-SeeMe on an 840AV with the Express Modem control
> panel turned on. I can send audio & video on a direct internet connections
> (ethernet) with no problems using CU-SeeMe.68k0.70b* and
> CU-SeeMe.68k0.80b1. I have used both the Quickcam & a camcorder, but I
> always use the built in mic.
The conflict between Express Modem and 840/660AVs is not consistent. I
even remember the halcyon moment when I installed a new CU-SeeMe upgrade
(one of the 68k0.70b versions) and its audio worked with the Express
Modem still on. Of course, the next time I fired it up (no change in
System, extension, CP, etc) I got the dreaded err= -227 message. None of
the 0.6b versions had this problem. All I can report is that I
consistently get err= -227 on my Quadra 840AV with Express Modem on, and
have *never* had it with the Express Modem turned off.

J. Colin R. Hunter
Virology Laboratories, University of Maryland at Baltimore