Re: More dial-up connection ideas

Phil Marcelis (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 01:19:46 -0500

>That idea about dedicated reflectors for different band great!
>I'm on 14.4 slip connection and am trying to get the slip on 28.8k
>would be great to have all cuseemers on a of the same
>"width" ... and height :) but how do we go about finding out who has what
>bandwith available....and where do we get the extra reflectors....well
>anyways.....its a good idea if people will follow the ettiquette.....

This may be anti-anarchistic, but why not have a registry of reflectors?
You could have a master server of CU-SeeMe reflector sites and bind each
entry with a speed that users are expected to (or required to) connect at.
It might make it easier to find a reflector, then, too. Although, there
may be some bandwidth problems trying to get listings from the master
server, so you might want to setup localized mirrors... oh, this just
sounds like DNS all over again <sigh>.. or maybe gopher. Anyway, maybe
someone can make that sort of idea work for CU-SeeMe.

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