Re: More dial-up connection ideas

Claudiu Dan (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 03:45:52 -0500

You know something ....I think we're getting somewhere....that's a great
idea too....hmm...but ok who's gonna volunteer to start the
programming...etc...hehe ? :) I think that a gopherlike or mosaic/www
access to Cu-see-me reflector site is pretty realistic...The "master
server" sounds real good too....

On Tue, 24 Jan 1995, Phil Marcelis wrote:

> >That idea about dedicated reflectors for different band great!
> >I'm on 14.4 slip connection and am trying to get the slip on 28.8k
> >would be great to have all cuseemers on a of the same
> >"width" ... and height :) but how do we go about finding out who has what
> >bandwith available....and where do we get the extra reflectors....well
> >anyways.....its a good idea if people will follow the ettiquette.....
> >
> This may be anti-anarchistic, but why not have a registry of reflectors?
> You could have a master server of CU-SeeMe reflector sites and bind each
> entry with a speed that users are expected to (or required to) connect at.
> It might make it easier to find a reflector, then, too. Although, there
> may be some bandwidth problems trying to get listings from the master
> server, so you might want to setup localized mirrors... oh, this just
> sounds like DNS all over again <sigh>.. or maybe gopher. Anyway, maybe
> someone can make that sort of idea work for CU-SeeMe.
> -Phil
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