Push To Talk between DUO and PPC

Jon DeFriese (defriese@ga.unc.edu)
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 08:40:08 -0500

Hello CUSeeMe Folk,

I've got a local problem that I can't quite figure.


PPC 7100 AV w/FlexCam
PPC 7100 nonAV with QuickCam
DUO 280c with DUO Dock II with QuickCam


System 7.5 on ALL
CUSeeMe 80b1 on All
Audio setting: Intel DVI 32kb/s 100ms


When attempting to use the Handsfree mode for CUSeeMe the DUO can't hear
the other participants. It's similar to a CB Radio or a Walkie-Talkie.

The DUO works fine when using Push-to-Talk but when we try to go hands free
it doesn't recieve the others audio.

PS. Please respond directly, I'm not reading the regular list any longer

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance, Jon