Re: Windows hostname error

Chuck Elliot (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 13:54:42 -0500

'glad to be of some help to you. It is possible to edit the hosts file
after making a slip_ppp connection where the service provider dynamically
allocates your IP via boopt or script and then start up cuseeme and get it
to work. However, I agree that it doesn't make sense for the s/w to enforce
especially as you have to enter IP addresses and not hostnames in order to
connect with a reflector or whatever! If it won't resolve 'em why does it
insist in having one? And yes, the actual hostname you use is irrelevant.
Anyway, if you are transmitting, call in to our reflector and
I will email an evaluation of what comes over - I cannot transmit as yet but
soon. Best times are between 10:00am -7:00pm GMT when I am plugged in.

>Chuck, thanks I got it to work. That only works with some winsock and
>probably only for SLIP or PPP session.
>I found that the IP in my host file didn't match the one automatically
>assigned during PPP negotiation.
>I imagine with SLIP it's different as the provider does not set your
>winsock IP for you remotely.
>In any case, the FAQ should be more precise and distinguish
>between a direct network connection and SLIP/PPP. The type
>of stack or winsock can also play a role. Chameleon does not
>have the hostname in a " hosts" file but directly in its tcpip.cfg
>file which is coded by the custom program. It appears you
>can enter anything for the hostname and it works!
>Now I wish I know why this program need an hostname that
> is not even official and lsted in the DNS server?
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