Re: 28,800 bps modems: Real troughput with cu-seeme?

Steve Loboyko (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 17:26:38 -0500 (Bart Kindt) wrote:

>I was wondering if anybody has any idea how much further the the internal
>compression of 28,800 pbs modems can compress the CU-Seeme video data?
>This data is already compressed up to a point, but the modems should be able
>to compress some more.
>Asuming CSLIP or PPP is being used as well, I would like to know what it
>compares to with a 56 kbps data line for example (which has no compression
>and full sized SLIP packets).
>I think that the difference is not *that* big...
>Anybody done tests on how much can be squeezed through?
I would also be interested in this, but I don't have 2 28.8 V.34 modems. I
read an article that implied "beware of cheapo V.34 modems", because they
don't have to implement all of the V.34 features and they still can call
themselves V.34. I have a rockwell based and an ATT based V.34; I
can't telll the speed difference between the two while calling my internet
provider (who has USRobotics DSP based V.34's with the newest code), but
char throughput (like, on FTP) can be as high as 2.5 kcps,,, which is pretty
amazing..Incidentally, the way CuSeeme video is compressed might benefit
from modem compression, i'll bet...but the audio might not...hopefully, I'll
find out. My Internet provider doesn't like to provide slip, and "can't"
provide CSLIP...
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