Re: Push To Talk between DUO and PPC

Richard Cogger (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 17:29:17 -0500

Duo's and some other Mac's have half-duplex audio. They only work in PTT
mode, because if they are listening to the mic to know when squelch is
broken then they can't play anything out. I think this is mentioned in the
readme, but maybe not; I'll check. -Dick

At 8:40 AM 1/24/95, Jon DeFriese wrote:
>Hello CUSeeMe Folk,
>I've got a local problem that I can't quite figure.
>PPC 7100 AV w/FlexCam
>PPC 7100 nonAV with QuickCam
>DUO 280c with DUO Dock II with QuickCam
>System 7.5 on ALL
>CUSeeMe 80b1 on All
>Audio setting: Intel DVI 32kb/s 100ms
>When attempting to use the Handsfree mode for CUSeeMe the DUO can't hear
>the other participants. It's similar to a CB Radio or a Walkie-Talkie.
>The DUO works fine when using Push-to-Talk but when we try to go hands free
>it doesn't recieve the others audio.
>PS. Please respond directly, I'm not reading the regular list any longer
>Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!!
>Thanks in advance, Jon