Re[3]: slide show
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 15:09:15 -0500

Regardless of whether or not screen capture becomes a reality, I would
like to know, based on your experience, what the MegaBytes Per Second
data requirements are. Initially, at say 15fps and 30fps. (We could
then interpolate intermediate values for MBpf. (Conversely, if you
know the data size per frame (with and without sound) we could multiply
these values out.

Patrick T. Stingley

To all --

Can we go one step further and ask for just plain video capture? I
don't want just one frame, I want a film sequence that can be written
to disk.

Does anyone know (or can estimate) how much data would be written to
disk in 30 seconds? And does it make a difference if the video is in
B&W vs color?


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Subject: Re: slide show
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Date: 1/24/95 3:58 AM

>From: Ben Domenico <>

>If not, I'd like to add to the wishlist a capability for
>capturing part of the screen to be incorporated into
>a cuseeme slideshow.

I have proposed to have a video input selector with one of the
choices beeing Screen Video Capture. Selecting it gives a dotted
fram that you can move with the mouse to place it over what you
want to show. For this application there should be also a choice
of scale: 1.0x, 0.5x and 0.25x, so that the capture frame can be
bigger than a normal CU-SeeMe window.

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