Re: Quick start for Cu-SeeMe for beginner

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 22:53:29 -0500

At 20:46 1/24/95, Christian Eidenert wrote:
>Would anyone be so kind to give me a very short explanation how to get
>started with CU-SeeMe on the Internet. I have a PowerMac 6100 with 14,400
>GeoPort Adapter. Which is a good IP number to connect to for some video
>action? I do not have a camera yet but I believe that it should be possible
>to hook up anyway.

It sounds like you have (1) TCP/IP via SLIP or PPP, (2) the CU-SeeMe
software from, (3) and an understanding of how it works.
To get up and running, you might want to check out a CU-SeeMe User's Guide
that Jher and I did, or get my reflector list, or visit a rogues gallery of
people you'll see on the video net. All these things, and more, are yours
for the asking at

Enjoy, and welcome!

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