Information Technology and Education: RFC

Queen's-Bell Instructional Technology (qbell@edu-ss10.educ.QueensU.CA)
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 11:04:55 -0500

Researchers at Queen's University (Canada), in conjunction with Bell Canada,
are reviewing the instructional use and development of information
technology. We are particularly interested in discovering how developers and
users evaluate the effectiveness and impact of twelve rapidly-evolving
instructional technologies used in education (K-12 and post-secondary) and
in the workplace:

Video Conferencing
Interactive CD-ROM
Desktop Video (Videoconferencing, Audio-graphics)
Computer Conferencing (On-line interaction, e.g. e-mail, chat)
Audio Conferencing (Instructional use of teleconferencing)
Embedded Training (i.e. specific to and within a given computer application)
Computer-Based Training (CBT)
Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)
Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)
Virtual Reality

We would appreciate hearing about your experiences using, evaluating and
modifying these instructional technologies. If you have relevant news or
suggestions to share, please contact us at:

Our goal is to help developers and users to identify strategies and
situations that optimize instructional practices and learning outcomes. A
complimentary (printed or electronic) copy of the review will be sent to all
those assisting us in its development.

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