Please use talk window

Melanie McLeroy (
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 11:25:29 -0500

I down loaded 80b1 for the mac from and
the "Talk" plug in/file from the same location and wish more people would use
this talk window!! Response time seems to be reasonably good and even if you
do have to wait a few seconds you atleast get the entire message. I dislike
the scrolling text over video when there is mucho traffic because you can't
read the message just parts of it. I do like the ability to put text over
your video and don't think the Talk window replaces this but the talk window
is the utility to use when exchanging lots of text and when communicating
lengthly messages. The text over video is great for short messages. Like "
Using talk window!!"

Gee, maybe cornell could add to the splash screen when you connect that when
you get the new 80b1 version to download the talk also and use the talk window
to exchange lots of text. Or publicise it more!! I love the new feature and
want other to reap the benefits!!

I am *really* enjoying CUSM and hope to see it to continue to grow in
popularity and in its own features!!

CU, Melanie in HSV (Huntsville Alabama USA)