CU-SeeMe not working with TIA.

Phil Marcelis (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 00:54:25 -0500

Anthony Bailey wrote:
>Hello all, I haven't been able to get CU-SEEME to work. I keep getting "no
>response from xxx.xx.xx.x". I'm thinking it's because I'm using a TIA
>connection instead of a true SLIP connection. What do you think?

We're in the same boat. I'm using Trumpet WinSock 2.0b8 to SLIP into
TIA running on my shell account at Up until now, I've halfway
thought that I might be doing something wrong since my Mac setup at work
is giving the same error, even though it's directly on the Internet. (I was
going to try and setup a local reflector at work before bringing my woes to
the group, but since someone else mentioned TIA problems, I thought I'd
put in my two pennies.)

> As a test I tried the Test Server and, weird but true, it
>received my UDP packets and returned a window with my name but I still
>can't get to anyone's reflector. If my UDP packets are getting out there
>why can't I connect????

I connected to an echo reflector at and I also get my name
to appear in the window. Does this mean that UDP is working?

My latest theory about why CU-SeeMe isn't working is that I don't have a
proper name/IP address binding anywhere. The only thing I see in common
between my setup at home with TIA and my setup at work with the Mac is that
neither of them is registered. TIA fakes an address, and my Mac at work is
using a valid IP address in our domain, but that address doesn't have a name
in the DNS.

Does any of this seem reasonable? Does anyone have ideas about why the
TIA setup won't work?

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