Re: re. sluggish CUSeeMe with 0.80b1

Jon Tower (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 00:30:13 -0500

>But as can be seen the slowiness is more likely to be due to the PPC
>than to the new CU-SeeMe version.

Please note: The sluggish performance I experienced in PPC 0.80b1 was not
in frame rate. It was in VERY SLOW response to mouse actions on my screen.
Finder/desktop functions slow to a crawl... If I click on a CU-SeeMe
window, it can be 10 or 15 seconds(!) before it becomes active.

I've been running the PPC versions of CU-SeeMe since 0.7b5 (on my PowerMac
6100/AV, 24 RAM), and have never had this problem before. This is a new

Jon Tower
POB 1872, New York, NY 10013