Re: Connectix to release PC camera in May

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 01:01:09 -0500

>this is unofficial information, but I heard that Connectix
>is planning to release a camera for PCs like its Mac version
>this May or thereabouts. For about $99 I was told.

My QuickCam web page, which gets updated as often as I get info from users
(check out the A/UX notes) or directly from the QuickCam project manager,
now has Connectix's current in-house FAQ, the tail end of which follows:

<HR><HR><H2>QuickCam Futures</H2>

<HR><H3>Will there be a color version? Will I get stuck with my B&W

Connectix has announced that it is working on a color version of QuickCam and
will offer an upgrade path to current QuickCam owners. No further details are
available at this time. (Note: color cameras will produce more data, and your
storage requirements for movies will at least double.)<P>

<HR><H3>Will there be a Newton version?</H3>

Connectix is investigating the feasability of producing a Newton version.
However, the Newton's current screen is incapable of displaying grayscale
pictures, so it is probably impractical at this time.<P>

<HR><H3>Will there be a version of QuickCam for IBM PCs?</H3>

Connectix has announced that it is working on an IBM PC version of QuickCam. No
further details are available at this time.<P>

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